Considering how bad things are in the SBC, who else can we blame but the godfather of the SBC? Also, NDAs are standard anytime you give severance pay and are actually required by law in some states. SCANDAL: Al Mohler Just Fired SBC Professor Who Stood Against Marxism & CRT. Every girl either has a story or makes up one to fit in. I will speak out against the SBC from now on. Amen and me too Patsy.I tell everyone I talk to how the SBC is a Bolshevik,open borders den of evil.I think we are making a difference because people are finally getting the facts.Keep up the fantastic work CapstoneReport. It’s really good. -. According to Tim Dukeman, “Something you might not know because you didn’t go to SBTS: Fuller WROTE the textbook that most of the Hebrew profs use. Russell Fuller , Theodore Cabal , Ken Magnuson, and Jim Orrick (who taught at Boyce College) were all terminated by provost Matthew Hall . Rather, Christian, The North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention promises an appeal to the, Will McRaney blasts Jonathan Howe for publishing falsehoods about him Will McRaney blasted Jonathan Howe. Mohler only wants people who will administer the mark. Is Mohler "Purging the Conservatives" from SBTS? LOUISVILLE (BP) — Meeting virtually and in executive session Monday (April 20), the Board of Trustees of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary approved a revised business model and a budget reduction of 30 percent, which includes a 15 percent tuition decrease — but also cuts in staff and other unspecified structural changes. I hope it’s clear I’m not trolling, or liberal, or being defensive. Thanks for sharing that perspective and evidence. SCANDAL: Al Mohler Just Fired SBC Professor Who Stood Against Marxism & CRT, who claimed he suffers from feelings of white supremacy, Strange Defeat: China is beating America and our dysfunction is helping, BOMBSHELL: Fired Professor’s Family Breaks Their Silence about Mohler and SBTS,, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Albert Mohler Just FIRED Four Conservative Profs, However, Dr. Russell Fuller was terminated by Albert Mohler’s Southern Seminary. It sounds like your only connection to this knowledge is flavored with a bitter hatred and possible unresolved conflicts that were not fully dealt with. I have taken three classes with Dr. Williams over the past two years and the only time Critical Race Theory was mentioned was when someone brought up the Dallas statement in class. This release confirms a lot of suspicions conservatives had about what was happening at Southern Seminary. And he’s done nothing publicly to rebuke Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) Provost Matthew Hall—who claimed he suffers from feelings of white supremacy—or reprimand others who similarly promote racial identity politics like Jarvis Williams and Curtis Woods. It seems more like the wolves are not those within the articles and tweets being “exposed,” but those who write them with no regard to their basis in reality. I wholeheartedly agree that NDAs should not be used except where legally required and I don’t know enough about the legalities to comment on that. Those who know me know that I have many gripes with the school. McCall sought throughout his tenure to balance respect for the scholarship of the faculty with the rights and expectations of Southern Baptist churches. He’s way more qualified than everyone they kept, other than Gentry. Older posts. The firings of Russell Fuller, Theodore Cabal, Ken Magnuson, and Jim Orrick were first reported by Enemies Within the Church. Instead of firing someone promoting this evil philosophy, Mohler and his seminary fired a man who wrote the textbook for Biblical Hebrew. Nice try shutting down discussion of a public matter–and the employment status of SBC entity employees is a matter of public interest for everyone in the SBC. Dr. Williams answered the student’s question briefly, did not elaborate on the point, mentioned some of the issues that were being debated at the time (like Critical Race Theory) and then moved on to his usual and passionate exposition of the New Testament text we were translating. How appalled is Christ with his church when we seem to rejoice in and benefit financially (add revenue, subscriptions to our “news” site) from posting what we believe are the skeletons in other Christian’s closets without taking the time to go to them. Certainly. It is a shame to me how someone who I can fully attest to being a great man of faith, someone who has walked through tremendous loss with sincerity and conviction in the hope of Christ, someone who is so meticulous about plunging into the original text with full commitment to learning what God intended for us to learn, someone who was so convinced of the Word’s power to radically change the lives of those who submitted to it that class often felt more like a sermon than a lecture, it is a shame that someone like that can have his name besmirched by those whose commitment to cheap polemics lead them to base their arguments on hearsay alone. The Evangelical Elite wage war on Christian Nationalism. I am just concerned for the unity of Christ’s bride. “We equip students to do good exegesis. He incredibly claimed on video, “I’m a racist… I’ll struggle with racism and white supremacy till the day I die.”, American Family Radio’s One News Now declared Hall’s statement to be “Peak Wokeness.”, According to Apologist Dr. Alex McFarland, “Hall was engaged in self-flagellation that plays into the hands of the far-left social justice movement. Malcolm Yarnell , research professor of systematic theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, said he had assumed “the type of destructive pedagogy” described at Southwest Baptist University was a “relic of the past in Southern Baptist education.” Search for: Join the Evangelical Dark Web. Mohler is purging conservatives.”. Nothing I’m saying is proof of anything, nor are the theories presented in this article. Fuller reported that eight professors opposed the teaching of Critical Theory at SBTS and, one by one, were fired if they did not relent. The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Sure. He wrote of his father, “He (Dr. Fuller) is unafraid to take a stand for orthodoxy even if it means losing his job. He also highlighted who fired his father. But do they even know what that, Christian Nationalism is not heresy as some Southern Baptist and Evangelical Elites claim. Frankly, I am surprised he is still on the [Southeastern] faculty,” Mitchell remarked. Mitchell is a former ERLC Scholar and ethicist. The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary — the flagship seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention — is neck-deep in Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality, and Cultural Marxism. I, too, took and taught a class for the Dr. Williams, I have talked with him extensively, read his works, and listened to his sermons. Some students, however opted to take different professors, making his classes smaller. And if you guessed that the men’s severance package including salary and health benefits would be tied to signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), then you’d be right. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! “You can see evidence of the stand he (Dr. Fuller) took by his name being the only one from Southern Seminary affixed to the Dallas statement,” David Fuller said. “Kevin is also at Southern.”. However, I can say that every article I have read after the firings is a rewording of what has already been posted and none of them have added more to the conversation.