subsections. The DSW program in clinical social work prepares licensed social workers for leadership roles in academic and agency settings. The study surveyed acceptance rates for 128 MSW programs and 61 PhD programs in social work, selected in part because there was acceptance data available for a fifteen year period: 1990 - 2004, inclusive. However, there are differences between these schools as well ranging from … If you want to be a clinical social worker, note that the curriculum for MSW programs are streamlined and very similar to one another since they are all accredited by CSWE. I am highly interested in pursuing social work and was wondering if this school was known to be any harder/easier to get into than other NYU schools/colleges. Tandon School of Engineering; Silver School of Social Work; School of Professional Studies; Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development; Tisch School of the Arts. While Arts and Sciences is the largest school, NYU is also well known for other schools, such as Tisch, which boasts notable alumni like Alec Baldwin and Lady Gaga. For questions regarding admission to the JD program, please contact the Office of JD Admissions at or (212) 998-6060. New York University Silver School of Social Work Admissions and Enrollment Services Office c/o NYU Mail & Copy Services 547 LaGuardia Place NY, NY 10012. New York University’s Silver School of Social Work offers a content-rich curriculum and plenty of in-depth learning focused opportunities for their students. There is also information on the "yield rate;" that is, the number of students who were accepted and actually chose to enroll. Who We Are; ... Public Safety; Policies and Guidelines; Return to Campus 2020; Sustainability; Admissions. He was in France and so was going to have to miss class. Hey everyone, just wondering what the general information for admissions to the Silver School of Social Work as an undergrad is. The incident has played out on social media as Shahem Mclaurin, a black student at NYU's Silver School of Social Work, described his experience. 1,550 subsections. Acceptance Rate. All NYU; About. For information about applying to the MSW program contact: Silver School of Social Work Office of Admissions New York University 2 Washington Square North New York, NY 10003 (212) 998-5910 Previously, he was on the faculty of the Brown School at Washington University in … ... New York University / Silver School of Social Work is located in New York, NY, in an urban setting. Silver School of Social Work at New York University provides on-going educational opportunities to those students seeking advanced degrees. Congratulations on your acceptance! Choosing a school is ultimately a very personal decision depending on a variety of factors. It is ranked no. New York University has been stunned by a student's email stating that it would be "easier" for him without a "black presence" in class. Silver School of Social Work With the acceptance rate of 89% Silver School of Social Work is among the easiest NYU schools to get into in 2019. For transcripts that do not require a signature: New York University Silver School of Social Work Admissions and Enrollment Services Office 1 Washington Square North New York, NY 10003-6654 Prior to joining NYU, Raghavan was a Professor and Associate Dean for Research at Rutgers School of Social Work, and a member of the core faculty of the Rutgers Institute for Health, Health Care Policy, and Aging Research.

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