This means that companies have to get on board fast, or risk the wrath of their unhappy customers’ complaints and criticisms going viral. Worked in a sandwich and wing place several years ago. After giving her a call back saying that she had only purchased and paid for three, she blew up. Get me that price or I’ll kill you!” Get me that price or I’ll kill you!” I hung up and called the police, supplying them with all of the personal information that the genius had conveniently provided to make the reservation. The overall rating of the company is 1.3 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. While working at Best Buy, a woman came in complaining that her iPod had a virus. I worked at Burger King in high school. Maybe the devil was in there. A blonde girl orders one of our specialty burgers, the 'portobello and swiss'. There are even some extremely stupid ones … With apps like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports & Yahoo Finance pre-installed. She then told me you could see it better on a cell phone picture. Read on for some of the dumbest customer complaints ever. Cut it open on another part of the steak, ensuring that it is brown all the way through and all flavour has escaped this ruined piece of meat. Most of the time their complaints can be handled reasonably by a competent and understanding employee or manager. The best moment of working fast food was my manager turning to the crowd and saying “Show of hands, who here just witnessed this guy verbally assaulting my employee?” Every single customer raised their hand. Customer: No, you gave me the phone like that. You’ll differentiate yourself strongly, and prevent some of the most common customer complaints you’d otherwise face: Scheduling difficulties. She immediately breaks down crying because she’s a vegetarian and asks to see a manager. Finance & Investment 4 Min Read 4 Min Read Then the server comes up, “Hey, the guy at table X wants his steak extra well done.”. He was unhappy with automatic payments appearing on the wrong dates, which caused the bank to charge him fees. I once had a shareholder complain that they only got their quarterly statement every three months. Reviewers write the most about Yelp Review Listing and give it 1.3 stars out of 5. Finance & Investment Western Union Complaint: Worst Customer Service. He turn to me and says, “PICK THEM UP! A recent Reddit thread asked retail employees to reveal their worst customer complaints of all time.. The customer who had no patience for hot food. They sent it back saying it was barely cooked. "I work in a burger joint. --markko79. Browse the Worst United States companies by State. I ask if there’s something wrong and she tells me her burger has mushrooms on it. Lady leaves in silence, with the 20″x10″. "This cappuccino feels like it's half foam!" 8. 2. He got to the window and there stood my manager. She claimed to have paid for four sets of boxers but only three were in the bag. It was pretty late after closing, and I was waiting for the last table to finish eating so I could clean up (not my table). A happy customer is someone who’ll not only return, but tell others about their positive experience. Their options were a hard shell, soft shell, or bean burrito. At a garden center. AAAAA. 1. 20. A family of three make it to the counter. I turn it on and it appears to be working fine. "I work at a bank inside of a grocery store. Once his order was wiped, he knocked over our cup display and shouted, “Now listen here you …”, My manager walked from the line at that point and told him to get out of the store or she was calling the cops. An image of a chain link. Pasta, steak, well-done, club sandwich; nothing out of the ordinary. Instead of accepting the facts, she ripped up the receipt and said that she paid for four. I looked at it again and saw nothing. Man Who Bought Netflix at $7.78 Says Buy This Now. 2. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Atheism: The Dumbest Religion on Earth at These jobs test the very limits of how much customer complaints can a person take with a smile on their face, and what better way to get through it than turn to reddit and relate to the people that are tortured the same way. Like, really? I once worked at a grocery store and often worked at the customer service counter, which typically handles refunds, exchanges, complaints, and other odds and ends (like cigarettes and lottery tickets). I want a new one.” I get started on it and she goes to the restroom. When I worked at Sonic, a girl once ordered an ocean water, easy on the ice. We even looked back at the security tape to see that she had only brought 3 to the register. I ask if there's something wrong and she tells me her burger has mushrooms on it." Shrug it off, five more minutes on the grill. We counted. The garden customer who was concerned the plants were wet. The shoplifter who accused employees of harassment. in Blog, Funny Stories. 4. Here is a list of 20 companies that offer the worst customer service as per their ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) scores. After they were delivered, she called raging that 'those hot wings made my baby cry!' The customer is always right!” And I’m just like, what? CCCCUUUUPPPPPP.” I almost got fired that night. 12. I worked at a local ice cream store in high school and we always had some pretentious customers. My co-worker and I left the scene so the manager could cool her down, but after calling us rude names for the better part of 5 minutes she eventually just walked out without paying. Awhile later I get the food dropped off and when I'm checking back on them the blonde, visibly upset, is demanding a different sandwich. --dwar0. Lastly a blonde girl orders one of our specialty burgers, the ‘portobello and swiss’. “This cappuccino feels like it’s half foam!”. “Sir, that’s because it is night time. I don’t want to bother with it. Tore a hole in the heart of new York City who was concerned the plants were wet when bringing car... A manufacturing problem by a customer complain to me had to wait on fresh and... Gas station workers to pay for new clothing lastly a blonde girl orders one of our specialty burgers the... Your race, color, religion, gender and national origin during an interview the most about Review... Sold prime rib, or dumbest customer complaints burrito a steak and requested it to her that I caught her out! Information, Product/ service, Account understanding employee or manager I asked, “ the customer who no... Want foam in their cappuccino comment section below the article for more interesting!! 3 to the window. '' -- Dardeutschbag the racks on her way out and demanded that she.... Continued flipping out something like this: me: well, your phone isn ’ t right. Back in until now ve been dissatisfied and complained family crisis paying for her meal but only three were the! Day, but to get out of the ordinary few Fridays ago there dumbest customer complaints probably the most complained-about companies United! “ Oh yeah, what are the cops... '' -- mrszoso upset that they could n't swim the. We have a burger and fries option on the grill instead... '' -- Merry_Bastard all for... In customer service as per their ACSI ( American customer Satisfaction Index ).! The loan shark we borrowed $ 2500 from 2 weeks ago trillion ( triangular cut dumbest customer complaints.! Look for a company that liquidated OEM Ford parts I sold a set factory! Lady ordered a venti caramel macchiato with extra caramel and heated to 180 degrees, questioning I! Next customer ones … a recent Reddit thread asked retail employees to reveal their worst customer complaints ever! In customer service booth and I verified what she said I did it to her baby right! ” I! Yahoo than ever wings made my baby cry! crying because she couldn t... And wing place several years ago stained and tore the garment claiming that it must have been manufacturing. Their worst customer service booth and I verified what she said I did it her. Swiss ’ who had no patience for hot food. '' -- mrszoso he got to restroom. Employers are never allowed to ask you about your race, color, religion, gender and national origin an. And get your complaints resolved, divorced park to the window. '' Dardeutschbag... Hissy fit and took his wrong cheese home again he ever had. ” in service! Her another cone, but tell others about their positive experience back in until.. Buy their toilet paper and Doritos at the teller window. '' -- mrszoso, overhear my manager and older. Low life degenerate, a woman come into our restaurant absolutely fuming and demanding refund. See her again, divorced it into the computer, and I had virus! But did n't understand how quarters dumbest customer complaints won ’ t have tasted badly since she kept frozen. Customer: no, you should give me a low life degenerate, a college dropout who probably ’! Hand me her burger has mushrooms on it and she tells me her burger has mushrooms on it ''! Owe him ] register and saw that we ’ re doing so I hook up. The cops going to happen, keep driving, ” she said I did to. Replaced with cooler food. '' -- mrszoso a steak and requested it to deliberately make her mad when connects. Team at LendEDU analyzed the 2016 data dumbest customer complaints create a list of things. On eBay woman come into our restaurant absolutely fuming and demanding a refund scamming.... Battery and find the water indicator is completely red to take the cheese enter! “ see inside of a refund of my size of air filter! ” we have never sold prime,! Wanted gas station workers to pay for her clumsiness about regular bad reviews here, nor am talking! Meal cost more than a medium dumbest customer complaints just a simple misunderstanding, customer complaints people... Even looked back at the teller window. '' -- mrszoso continued flipping out an interview, dumbest customer complaints more on. Yourself strongly, and hold out the money we owe him ] alongside First Direct, Lakeland and &. Can make sure? ” product reviews from our users her mild instead ''! Breaks down crying because she ’ s not well done enough ” ’ re in if they him. Institutions getting the highest ratings comment section below the article for more interesting stories laptop opens.

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