I kept tasting hints of melon in the cup that I suspect were actually coming from the silver needle. Silver Needle tea is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial and healthy teas that you can choose to consume. If I were to pinpoint the melon, I would call it more honeydew than cantaloupe.This tea totally reminded me of why silver needle is truly the Cadillac of white teas. Bai Mu Dan (White Peony): This tea consists of the buds and first two leaves. Not only is our Doke Silver Needle White Tea processed from handpicked young leaves but also hand-rolled to preserve the authentic taste. The after taste is fresh and sweet. A tea truly in its own league, Silver Needle represents the pureness of tea. Health benefits. A wonderful sweet tasting and delicate tea with lingering honeydew melon notes. Three subtypes of white tea, Silver Needle (SN), White Peony (WP), and Shou Mei (SM), differ in their taste, aroma, bioactivity, and commercial value. In the last two years, we have connected with a new farm in the mountains in FuAn to source this wonderful tea. Silver Needle White Tea consists of only the buds of the plant and is very rare, as it is harvested only two seasons of the year. Follow us on Instagram @silverneedleteaco. Silver Needle White Tea is a kind of high quality White Tea, has elegant appearance and brisk mellow taste. 綠茶版白毫銀針 20551 | 8839 More details Tweet Share Google+ Pinterest By buying this product you can collect up to … Once brewed, Silver Needle tea is typically light, sweet and rich with woody and floral notes – this can vary a little depending on the tea plant cultivar and where it is grown. By tradition, YinZhen or Silver Needle, is made only of tender spring buds from a cultivar developed over centuries in Fujian Province. Silver Needle is the most famous white tea in the world; ours is sweet, mellow and refreshing and perfect for drinking on hot, long afternoons. This blend was first crafted by Frank back in 2012. Silver Needle with a smaller shoot, probably not from the Fuding origin. This needle shaped white tea is mainly produced in Fujian, China, which is famous for the outstanding quality of their white tea. Explore The lingering fragrance of our Halda Valley Silver Needle White Tea is Delicately honeysuckle floral, with a warmed sugar sweetness and soft mouthfeel and uplifting finish. If you are looking at the history of this tea, you are going to find that it is grown in Fujian, Fuding, and in Zheng He, all areas in China. The taste is delicate, slightly sweet with notes of honey. Its taste is delicate with a clean mellow sweetness. If this doesn't make your taste buds happy - then I don't know if anything can. White Peony – The second highest grade is equally as delicate, soft and delicious as Silver Needle, but this tea contains the first shoot off the tea plant as well as the bud. The water used to steep this tea should be 160-180F or 70-80C. Silver Needle white tea lessens the activity of some of the enzymes that help break down elastin and collagen in the skin. It should be the first white tea anyone tastes. The History of Silver Needle White Tea. Bai Hao Yin Zhen (Silver Needle): The most rare and famous white tea, this tea consists only of spring buds and has a delicately sweet taste and floral aroma. Silver Needle tea is a unique and precious white tea. While a white tea like Silver Needle is more expensive and rarer by being comprised of only the premium recent buds, Shou Mei uses slightly more mature buds from later in a harvesting season (if any) and mostly leaves so it’s considered the fourth … Our Silver Needle is from Fuding. Widely esteemed for its delicate appearance, elegant sweetness and noble character, Silver Needle tea is comprised of pure, individually plucked tea buds harvested only in the early springtime. Each differs in their production process, reflecting oxidation and caffeine levels, taste … Notice that this one is less oxidized than the authentic one. White Silver Needle is one of the rarest forms of tea. 5.0 8. What makes this tea so special? Model . The grandeur of the mountains is uplifting and energizing. The splendor inspired my vision and lifelong journey with tea. For tea aficionados, silver needle white tea is akin to a cross between Dom Perignon and the Fountain of Youth, as its taste and supposed anti-aging qualities are unmatched by other teas, even other white teas. The idyllic terroirs of Guangxi make a tea which has more fruitiness and tropical, floral notes than the traditional taste from Fuding and Zhenghe. Your hunt for a smooth, creamy, luxurious tea ends right here! This tea makes me understand why the Chinese hid white tea from he world for so long. The Silver Needle Tea Co. collection encompasses the four major tea categories: White, Green, Oolong, and Black. Silver Needle, but not the authentic white tea. Therefore if you want to get hands on this excellent tea you need to contact a reputed, tea manufacturer who can import the item in case they don’t have it. There are other productions that look similar with downy leaf shoots but most are green teas, and as green teas, they taste differently and have a different biochemical potency than the genuine white tea Silver Needle. The result is the delicate, sweet noted Fuding Da Bai cultivar. It can grow up to 2.8 m high and has an obvious trunk. Explore Halda Valley Golden Eyebrow Black Tea is made of delicate handpicked leaves that offers Strong honey and floral fragrance with distinctly honey-sweet & mellow taste. The berry flavor is sublime. Subtle in flavour yet so mesmerising, lingering in your mouth the joy of sweet taste. Silver Needle Tea Co. was first imagined here in Wuyi Mountain, China. I would have kept the best for myself also. The high elevation where this tea is grown (about 3000 feet above sea level) contributes to its pure and soft flavor. It is in fact considered the best of all white teas and also the most expensive. Our Silver Needle is unique in that it is sourced from Menghai and Mengku broad leaf varietal ancient tea tree groves in the remote, mountainous Yunnan Province of China. According to your taste, you could adjust the flavors with water of different levels. Spring tea, which contains 1.8% amino acid and 28.2% tea polyphenols, is a high-quality tea used to make Silver Needle White Tea and White Peony Tea. "1st Grade Yunnan Silver Needle" - White Puerh Tea. Definitely a special Tea for special moments. This variation is a green tea in nature. Silver Needle is one of the rarest and most spectacular teas. While Guangxi is not famous for it's Silver Needle production like Fuding, it has in recent years cultivated a growing reputation for the quality of it's Silver Needle tea, produced with the … Our organic Silver Needle White Tea is among the most revered of organic Chinese tea, produced in the mountains of China's Fujian province.This organic tea consists of only the most delicate downy buds from the newest growth of the Fuding Da Hao and Fuding Da Bai tea varietals. No matter how many times I return, I'm constantly in awe of the beauty. Silver Needle white tea demands you to slow down and monopolises your attention, savouring it … Silver Needle is a lightly oxidized tea bud, produced in a very long and gradual withering process. White Silver Needle is harvested by hand from the first unopened buds each spring, and dried immediately with little processing, resulting in tea “needles” that are smooth and covered in delicate white hairs. Different from the Zhenghe Silver Needle, the Fuding Silver Needle is famous for the tea’s thick layer of white coat, resulting in a clean, fragrant, and refreshing taste experience. 5 star average rating. 624 likes. The production of this tea merely makes up not even 0.1% of the tea produced in China. The traditional making method of white tea is distinctive from other types of tea, without the process of … It was originally developed for export to England and has a stronger flavor. Unlike other teas, this Chinese white tea is made exclusively of young unopened tea silver buds and no leaves or stems at all. 【PREMIUM QUALITY】The premium white tea ingredients with silver needle leaf help maintain a high quality of Thimblety white tea for k pods. As a result, it is whiter and therefore more appealing to the under-informed consumer. 8 Reviews Write a Review. Contains 50g - 100g Net. This Bai Hao Yin Zhen is a first flush tea that comes from the Fujian province in China. Experience the light sweetness of peach blossoms and apricot that overlays a subtle backdrop of marigold. True Silver Needle tea comes from Fujian Province. But at the same time, it is very expensive and not easily found. Silver Needle White Tea is considered as the gold standard of white teas. Upton Tea Imports Organic White Silver Needle. This tea from Yunnan has been withered a little under the sun and has the characteristic taste of Yunnan - a bit more warm, tropical and foresty than your average Silver Needle. White Hair Silver Needle. If you would like to compare this Silver Needle with one from Guangxi and a special aged one from Fuding then pick up one of our limited edition Silver Needle Experience . This leads to anti-aging effects such as wrinkles becoming less visible, and the skin looking younger and glowing (Thring, Hili, & Naughton, 2009).Flavanol is present in Silver Needle, which helps to remove excess oil and sebum from clogged pores. Studies show that white tea is rich in antioxidants that helps burning fat and boosting metabolism. In 1985 it was certified as a national tea plant variety with the number GS13002-1985. The infusion is a light honey color, and its taste is smooth and sweet. The different areas that it is grown in create different versions of this tea that taste different and even go by different names. Silver needle teas are famous for many health benefits. The silver needle itself is of a nice quality and is sweet and velvety. Being one of the six types of tea, White Tea is a unique export tea of Fujian Province. This is what they are suppose to taste like. Brewing vessel:Glass Cup, Glass Gaiwan or porcelain pot. Tea brewed from these buds have a pale yellow hue with a honey-sweet scent. Harvested in China’s Fujian province for just 2-3 days each spring, this tea is consequently in limited supply. Here is what he said about it back then: Here’s another Very Important Tea. Luxury tea purveyor offering single estate teas of exquisite design, direct from the source. The preparation of this organic white tea is governed by strict requirements to ensure a truly premium product. If you’re looking for a different type of white tea, here’s … It is most commonly produced in the Fujian province of China, but it is also cultivated in Yunnan Province and other countries around the world. Genuine Silver Needles are made from cultivars of the Da Bai (Large White) tea tree family. Shape: Tight, fat needle shape full of silver hair Dried tea color: shiny silver color Aroma: fresh & clean flower fragrance Tea soup color: lightly shiny yellow Taste: fresh, sweet, mellow, and light honey taste. A white tea cultivated mainly in Guangxi and Fujian provinces and harvested much later than other white tea varieties such as Silver Needle. And every time I leave, I dream of new ways to share the experience with more people. For connoisseurs. Ultra-premium Silver Needle white tea blended with freeze dried strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. Water: purified or mineral water is the best. Silver Needle Tea Co., New York, New York. White teas produced outside of Fujian (the mother province of White Tea) have their own unique character and this Silver Needle is no exception.