— Use scimitar in a sentence. Sentence with the word scimitar Initially interpreted as a representation of a cave lion, it was reinterpreted by Vratislav Mazak (1970) as more likely being a depiction of the sabre-tooth Homotherium latidens (a species sometimes dubbed the scimitar cat). A short sword with a curved blade that broadens toward the point, used originally in Eastern countries. du-bi-ous Let's explore this lovely language together. Phyton's symbol is a scimitar in front of an oak tree. 3. All rights reserved. noun. A peculiar scimitar, khofrsh ~, is characteristic of the Empire. Other muscles, other minds, are pulling the island to its subterranean home. "My morning draught is the cleaving of heads and breasts; my scimitar is my cup — no cup of. What does «scimitared» mean? Tinker received a scimitar from the hands of Mr. Figgins, and flourished it gaily round his head. The subterranean part of these tombs varies in size. Find more ways to say scimitar, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. A scimitar is a curved, short-bladed sword.Scimitars were widely used during the Ottoman period, throughout the Middle East. Related words - scimitar synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms and hyponyms. oryx example sentences. Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition. With uplifted scimitar he sprang toward our host. Example sentences with the word oryx. scimitar definition: 1. a sword with a curved blade that is sharp only on its outer edge and gets wider towards its…. 3. Adapted from the Italian word scimitarra in the mid 16th century from an unknown source, the word became used for all 'Oriental' blades which were curved, compared to the more commonly straight and double edged European swords of the time. 0. Use the word in a comment. Definition of scimitar in the Fine Dictionary. How to use scimitared in a sentence. Examples of subterranean in a sentence: 1. I ask you again! We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage. Subscribe to our updates. Meaning of scimitar with illustrations and photos. The subterranean part is composed of the well and the mummy chamber. 2. a short, curved sword with an edge on the convex side, used chiefly by Turks and Arabs. Oryx and ibex are scarce, but they are there. 3. if u are a member you should probable use a dharoks great axe or if that's too slow u can use a dragon scimitar. They go habitually armed with scimitar and half-moon axe, besides gun or rifle. Traducir scimitar de Inglés a español. Saddam is too cagey to refuse outright, not with war balancing on the edge of a scimitar. Light cavalry carried a small sword and two or three javelins while the heavy force was equipped with, The ancient emblem for the nation was a lion holding a, Pistols, automatics, hunting rifles, arrows, a crossbow, a. Variant spellings of scimitar in English go back to the middle of the seventeenth century at least. noun. They are the Emodus of Ptolemy (among other names), and extend in the shape of a scimitar, with … ‘Each rider carried one of many weapons - a wicked scimitar, a powerful lance, or a flail.’. This cavalier with his scimitar was my uncle, who was then in command of the province. The scimitar mouth pulled back in a mad crow of triumph, the face sweating with guilty pleasure. Organize by: [Syllables] Letters: Show rare words: [Yes] No: Show phrases: [Yes] No: See scimitar used in context: 1 rhyme, 2 … ‘Other items include Russian swords, scimitars and a shield from Turkey.’. He took his scimitar now in his hand. scimitar in American English. Oryx Energy, like Melville, made the list for a second year in a row. Among the prominent buildings are the United States Government building, the county Court house, Cotton Exchange, Business Men's Club, Goodwyn Institute, containing an auditorium and the public library, the Cossett Free Library, Grand Opera House, Lyceum Theatre, Auditorium, Gayoso Hotel, Memphis Evening Scimitar building, the Union and Planters' Bank and Trust Company building, Equitable building, Memphis Trust building, Tennessee Trust building, the Bank of Commerce, Woman's building (containing offices for business women), Masonic Temple, Odd Fellows' building and the Commercial Appeal building.