Free CAD and BIM blocks library - content for AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, Revit, Inventor, Fusion 360 and other 2D and 3D CAD applications by Autodesk. This change was approved by the New Products Group (Water Infra) and ratified by the Standards To prevent frost damage mound the upland in-take pipe area to maintain a minimum of 5 feet of soil cover. WF-02 150mm (6") Fire Hydrant Installation with Break–Off Check Valve (12-16-2019) updated; WF-03 High Pressure Dry Barrel Fire Hydrant Installation (10-28-2016) WF-04 Fire Hydrant Locations and Port Orientation (09-12-2008) WF-05 100mm (4") and Larger Fire Service Installation (09-11-2017) GENERAL WATER INFORMATION DETAILS Description.....Page No. 10. Standard Fire Hydrant Installation (restrained joint) pdf: dwg: dgn: W-4a: Standard Fire Hydrant Installation (rodding) pdf: dwg: dgn: W-5: Standard Fire Hydrant with 5" Storz Pumper Nozzle pdf: dwg: dgn: W-6: Hydrant Operating Nut and 2 ½ " Outlet Threads pdf: dwg: dgn: W-7: Thrust Blocking Design Data for Water Mains pdf: dwg: dgn: W-8 Download this FREE CAD BLOCK of a FIRE HYDRANT DETAIL. Contractors shall operate fire hydrants with proper fire hydrant tools. This has been updated in the Distribution Mains & Service Pipes Design Manual as well as in the Standard detail drawings. 8. W Piping Layout for 3", 4", 6" & 8" Compound or Turbine Meter The designer is responsible for checking the accuracy of as-built drawing prepared by the Fire Suction hose should slant slightly towards the dry hydrant when drafting. Mueller Fire Hydrant History 3 Fire Hydrant History AWWA Dry Barrel Hydrants Year of Manufacture Hydrant Style Model No. (AutoCAD 2000.Dwg) All layers are purged to help keep your CAD files clean from unwanted layers. TABLE OF CONTENTS PART IV – STANDARD DRAWINGS WATER DISTRIBUTION AND SERVICE (Cont.) Drawings. Set fire hydrant plumb and brace at locations and grades as shown on Drawings. This CAD DRAWING is created in PLAN VIEW AND SECTION VIEW. Section No. 9. Connection height of the dry hydrant needs to be lower than the pump intake. installation drawing drawings standard meter single meter vault details service connection compound turbine Section L. Section M. Section S. Section W. Appendix A. Fig 18 Layout Drawing for Fire Hydrant/Hose Reel System Fig 19 Layout Plan of the Typical Installation of DN150 Street Fire Hydrant Fig 20 Section of the Typical Installation of DN150 Street Fire Hydrant Fig 21 Schematic Layout of Pressure Reducing Valves Fig 22 Common … When barrel of hydrant passes through concrete slab, place 1-inch-thick piece of standard sidewalk expansion joint material around section of barrel passing through concrete. Section C. Section D. Section E. Section G. Section I. installation. CAD blocks and files can be downloaded in the formats DWG, RFA, IPT, F3D.You can exchange … TAG - Replace Safety Coupling for Standard Traffic Model Fire Hydrant Installation Instructions (form 10048 - rev 9/17) TAG - Super Centurion® Fire Hydrants Bonnet Repair Kit for Hydrants Built 1988 - present (form 10089 - rev 6/16) The standard for hydrant installations will have a requirement for spade/sandwich valves to be included. 3.01 INSTALLATION A.